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Herring Family

Descendants of John Herring to four generations.
1. John Herring (b.Feb 1804-Pennsylvania;d.4 Dec 1883-San Francisco)
sp: Mary Mason (b.1 Mar 1808-Maryland;m.15 Mar 1825;d.27 Dec 1885-San Francisco)
2. Daniel George Herring (b.Jan 1826-Maryland;d.17 Sep 1868-Sitka,Alaska)
2. Angeline A Herring (b.1829-Maryland)
sp: Albanus Rowley
3. Clara A Rowley (b.1860-California)
3. Amelia S Rowley (b.1869-California)
2. Samuel Weaver Herring (b.1830-Hagerstown,Maryland;d.22 Aug 1879-New Westminster)
sp: Hannah Willard (b.1830-Pennsylvania;d.6 Apr 1895-New Westminster)
3. Tillman Willard Herring (b.17 Feb 1856-California;d.11 Mar 1937-New Westminster)
sp: Mary Caroline Ling (b.1861-Fort Hope BC;m.12 Jul 1904)
3. Annie Mary Herring (b.22 Oct 1857-Crescent City,CA;d.10 Feb 1929-New Westminster)
sp1: James Gerald Jaques (b.Aug 1850-Quebec;m.12 Jan 1880;d.17 May 1893-New Westminster)
sp2: James Anderson (b.20 Aug 1848-Glasgow,Scotland;m.10 Oct 1895;d.1 Oct 1923-New Westminster)
4. Alvie Jaques (b.15 Jul 1887-New Westminster;d.2 Aug 1954-White Rock)
sp: William Somers Wooster (b.17 Sep 1876-GM,New Brunswick;m.4 Jun 1912;d.25 Sep 1970-)
4. Robert Henry Anderson (b.27 Aug 1896-New Westminster;d.1 Dec 1980-New Westminster)
3. Sir John Franklin Herring (b.1858-Whatcom)
3. Henry Holbrook Herring (b.1863-New Westminster;d.3 Jul 1895-New Westminster)
2. Margaret S Herring (b.1833-Maryland)
2. Eliza Susan Herring (b.1839-Pennsylvania)
sp: A J Smith (b.1829-Pennsylvania)
3. Charles M Smith (b.Jun 1854-California)
sp: Mary A  (b.Aug 1856-California;m.1875)
4. Stella A Smith (b.Jan 1878-California)
4. Milton C Smith (b.Apr 1879-California)
3. Edward J Smith (b.1856-California)
3. James W Smith (b.1857-California)
3. George Smith (b.1861-California)
2. William John Herring (b.1842-Pennsylvania)
sp: Mary Jane Collins (b.1855-Massachusetts;m.1 Jan 1870;d.13 Jun 1896)
3. Tillman Ringold Herring (b.1 Oct 1877-California;d.27 Apr 1943-San Francisco)
sp: Sadie Mendelsohn (b.3 May 1880-California;m.5 Nov 1902;d.6 Apr 1959)
4. Earle J Herring (b.1904-California)
3. William John Herring (b.1 Sep 1873-San Francisco;d.18 Dec 1940-California)
3. John Frederic William Herring (b.12 Jul 1871-San Francisco;d.25 Jul 1871)
2. Thomas A Herring (b.1846-Pennsylvania;d.15 Jun 1880-Mayfield CA)
2. Tillman R Herring (b.22 Mar 1848-Pennsylvania;d.5 Sep 1913-New Westminster)
sp: Eliza J  (b.Oct 1856-Massachusetts;m.1880)
3. Harold H Herring (b.4 Apr 1880-San Francisco)
3. May E Herring (b.6 Dec 1881-San Francisco)
2. Alfred F Herring (b.Feb 1854-California;d.4 Apr 1856-San Francisco)

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